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Ora (Oha) Soup

This is a Soup Originating from the eastern part of Nigeria, made from Ora leaf. Also known as Oha Soup

Bitter Leaf Soup

This is a medicinal Soup eaten across Nigeria and made from Bitter leaf (Onugbu or Olugbu in Igbo)

Agbada Soup

A traditional Soup from the Mbaise tribe in Igbo land of Nigeria

Kunu Drink

It is extremely popular in the Northern region of Nigeria, most notably thanks to its pleasant sweet taste and special spicy nutty flavor.

Types of Ogiri

  • Ogiri-Ohi - Fermented Pumpkin Seed
  • Okpi - Oil bean
  • Ogiri - Fermented Melon Seed


The inspiratinal story behind the Ogiri Woman Brand.

Ogiriwoman” is a brand created as an expression of Ifeoma Uzoma, a woman whose unique style of selling Ogiri, a natural African spice, went viral after a customer put up her video on Facebook.

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  • Ifeoma Uzoma you are an inspiration

  • Congrats Ma, I saw the video and was impressed! Innovative! Nigerian Ethnic foods redefined.

  • Thank you for making a case for ogiri